Welcome to Vehicle Intelligence and Autonomy Lab

Established in Sept. 2008, the networked smart systems laboratory (nsslab) has investigated challenging R&D topics in the design, development, and analysis of communications and networking systems connecting many smart devices, for example, smart vehicles, smartphones, etc. In Sept. 2020, we decided to rename our laboratory to vehicle intelligence and autonomy laboratory (ViaLab) which better reflects our recent R&D activities in the localization, perception, and prediction of self-driving cars and pipeline inspection robots. Currently, the vialab consists of one Postdoc, one Ph. D. and two M.S. students led by Prof. Han-You Jeong.



  • [NOTICE] We are looking for enthusiastic graduate students (M.S. and postdoc) with good AI programming skills for autonomous driving and pipeline inspection robots.
  • [2021-05-27] We participate in the Color-Modulated Extra-Sensory Perception Technology Research Center (NRF ERC project) from June 2021
  • [2021-03-01] We participate in the AGV control system (ACS) project (partly sponsored by Sungwoo HiTech) from March 2021.
  • [2020-11-23] We'll participate in AI Grand ICT Research Center at Dongeui University from Jan. 2021.
  • [2020-09-23] We changed our laboratory name to Vehicle Intelligence and Autonomy Laboartory (vialab) to better reflect what we are currently doing in PNU.
  • [2020-09-11] We configured our test vehicle for our vehicle positioning research.