Welcome to Networked Smart Systems Laboratory

Established in Sept. 2008, the networked smart systems (NSS) laboratory has studied challenging research issues in the design, development, and analysis of communications and networking systems connecting many smart devices, for example, smart vehicles, smartphones, wireless routers, RFID tags, and smart grids. Currently, the NSS laboratory consists of one Ph. D. and two undergraduate students led by Prof. Han-You Jeong.


  • [2017-12-13] Our paper, titled“Mobility-Adaptive Beacon Broadcast for Vehicular Cooperative Safety-Critical Applications,”to appear in IEEE Trans. on Intelligent Transportation Systems (published online in IEEExplore)
  • [2017-11-01] Our paper, titled“Maximizing the Throughput of Wi-Fi Mesh Networks with Distributed Link Activation,” is published in IEICE Trans. on Fundamentals in Electronics, Communications, and Computer Sciences
  • [2017-09-21] NSSLab homepage will not be available from Sept. 22 to Sept. 24 due to the movement of the laboratory.
  • [2017-09-19] The iCPS proposal is accepted for the next generation information computing development program of national research foundation of Korea.