• [2021-05-27] We participate in the Color-Modulated Extra-Sensory Perception Technology Research Center (NRF ERC project) from June 2021
  • [2021-03-01] We participate in the AGV control system (ACS) project (partly sponsored by Sungwoo HiTech) from March 2021.
  • [2020-11-23] We participate in AI Grand ICT Research Center at Dongeui University from Jan. 2021.
  • [2020-09-23] We changed our laboratory name to Vehicle Intelligence and Autonomy Laboartory (vialab) to better reflect what we are currently doing in PNU.
  • [2020-09-11] We configured our test vehicle for our vehicle positioning research.


  • [2019-12-23] Congratulations! — The doctoral dissertation of Nguyen Hoa Hung, titled “Cooperative Vehicle Localization, Perception, and Routing toward Connected and Autonomous Driving”, has passed the final defense.
  • [2019-09-27] We start KOGAS in-line inspection (ILI) robot project work from November, 2019 (5 years).
  • [2019-05-15] We start NRF project work on the V2X-based cooperative driving from June, 2019 (5 years).
  • [2019-03-03] We are looking for graduate students (M.S. and Ph. D.) with good C/C++ programming skills for robotics applications.
  • [2018-03-30] Our paper, titled“ Spatiotemporal Local-Remote Sensor Fusion (ST-LRSF) for Cooperative Vehicle Positioning,” is published in MDPI Sensors
  • [2017-12-13] Our paper, titled“Mobility-Adaptive Beacon Broadcast for Vehicular Cooperative Safety-Critical Applications,”is published in IEEE Trans. on Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • [2017-11-01] Our paper, titled“Maximizing the Throughput of Wi-Fi Mesh Networks with Distributed Link Activation,” is published in IEICE Trans. on Fundamentals in Electronics, Communications, and Computer Sciences
  • [2017-09-21] NSSLab homepage will not be available from Sept. 22 to Sept. 24 due to the movement of the laboratory.
  • [2017-09-19] The iCPS proposal is accepted for the next generation information computing development program of national research foundation of Korea.